Which Brand of Replacement Windows Should I Choose for My Home?

When you finally make the decision to start thinking about installing replacement windows in your home, then the real challenge begins. Which window brand should you choose? As with most additions you make for your home, it pays to go with a reputable, trusted replacement window company. With the extreme temperatures, frequent downpours, branch-snapping wind storms, and occasional hail in Austin, replacement windows become even more important. Below we list and compare four of the top replacement window brands, universally recognized for their quality, looks, and longevity.

Simonton Windows

Noise Reduction

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Starting out in 1946 in Pennsboro, West Virginia, the Simonton Family has quite a bit of experience in the replacement window industry. Innovative products like the triple-rack storm window helped Simonton become a major producer of quality replacement windows in the United States.

Simonton’s noise reduction windows can make a huge difference. Maybe you live next to a train, highway, air traffic, or you just have some noisy neighbors. Installing replacement windows that reduce outside noise really does help keep a happy home. Having the luxury of shutting the windows to keep out the loud outdoor sounds is such a terrific advancement in the window world.

Milgard Windows

Full Lifetime Warranty

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Milgard Windows truly cares about it’s costumers. They have been around for over 50 years, creating a lasting product right here in the United States, year after year. Their industry leading full lifetime warranty really stands out and goes to show how much they care. Their window warranty is easy to understand, clearly written, and offers terrific support. One thing to note that is different from many other industry warranties is their glass breakage policy. Many other companies do not include this part of the policy but Milgard does on certain models.

Warranties on your replacement windows provided to home owners through Milgard are graciously extended to home owners for 10 years. This is offered free of charge, and goes to show how much they really stand out when it comes to guaranteeing their replacement windows.

Pella Windows

Energy Star

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Energy Star also known as energy efficiency is what really makes Pella Windows stand out from the rest. They take pride in saving you energy, money, and helping the environment. In 1999 Pella decided to make the great move to partner with Energy Star for their window productions. Not only does it make their windows unique, but they made this move for the benefit of consumers. Everybody wants to save money, enhance comfort throughout their homes, and protect precious valuables. Now you can help the environment as well.

When choosing which company for your new replacement windows, keep Pella Windows in mind, because Energy Star is a terrific long term investment in your next replacement window choice. Get everything you should have out of a window production company that cares not only for their costumers but the future of our environment as well.

Andersen Windows

We Design With Your Needs In Mind

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Anderson Windows has been around for well over 115 years and counting. Most people have heard of their windows by now, and it shows that they know a thing or two about trying to stay a step ahead of the competitions. If choosing Anderson replacement windows, you can count on style. You also have the option to custom create your replacement windows. Say you just want to try something distinctive that all the neighbors down the street don’t already have. Your home really will stand out if you choose Andersen Windows and try their custom creating options. 

Andersen Windows designs windows with your needs in mind. They also pride themselves on standing behind their products to ease your mind. They set higher standards, are the industry leader for new products, and their replacement windows will be sure to stand out, designed with your needs in mind.

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