Finding The Best Hardie Board Siding In Austin

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If you find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about with James Hardie board siding then follow our siding guide below. We will discuss the reasons we recommend it, the styles, colors, and building material makeup available. Please feel free to reach out to us if you find that you have any further questions about James Hardie siding installation after reading this guide.

What is James Hardie Siding?

Perhaps this is the first time you are looking into siding and you keep hearing about different ones. Therefore, let’s go over what is James Hardie Siding. Hardie siding is the industry leader in cement siding. They invented the cement siding over 30 years ago and continue to be a number one seller as of today.

Hardie board siding is a man-made material made up of a combination of cement, sand and cellulose fibers. Hardie cement siding was created to imitate wood siding without those pesky problems that come along with choosing wood siding like termites or rotting.

There are multiple looks, colors, designs and advantages to choosing Hardie siding for your home, so now we will look into these options.

Why Do We Choose James Hardie As Professional Home Siding Installers In Austin?

Premium Siding and Painting wants to provide our customers with the best product we think there is to offer. Therefore, this is the short answer to why we install James Hardie Siding in Austin.

There are many siding options that are available to every home owner. You could go with wood, vinyl, brick, metal, and stone. However, we think cement siding is the superior choice over all. With Hardie cement siding you can choose a multitude of colors, appearance, and styles. Above all, we want the homeowners we work with to truly style their own home and this is certainly possible with Hardie fiber cement siding.

We are proud of the services we provide at Premium Siding & Painting but we still think our clients deserve the best warranty when it comes to siding on their home. James Hardie provides a 30 year warranty on all of their siding products so talk about peace of mind. We’ve all been there, made a purchase thinking it would last much longer than it actually does. Well that’s the great thing about James Hardie, they stand behind that promise. This is just one example of why we, Premium Siding and Painting, choose James Hardie for our customers every time.

When it comes to choosing your new siding options in Austin we recommend hardiplank siding but here are some facts that go along with our guidance.


Holds up to harsh weather while being able to withstand high heat, rain, hail, and snow.


Zero toxins produced during manufacturing with their use of recycled products. In addition, Hardiplank cuts down on heating and cooling with it’s thicker material.


Created with sand and cement making it ultimately fire resistant. For Instance, other types can literally melt in the Texas heat, but not James Hardie cement siding.


Beautiful curb appeal regardless of what style or color of hardiplank that you may choose with the numerous options available.

Wood Imitation

Hardie board siding was first produced to imitate wood siding, now it’s the most realistic option with several choices on the market.


Hardy board is similar to brick in it’s ability to be very long lasting yet they also stand behind their product with a 30 year warranty.

What James Hardie Siding Options Do I Have?

HardiPanel® Vertical Siding

Perhaps you want to create a classic farmhouse look in the city. Therefore, HardiPanel® is the way to go for achieving this goal. Board and batten siding is timeless and so unique. As an example, with this choice, your house will most certainly stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. Something great about this choice is how easy it is to clean compared to others.

Hardiepanel® vertical siding comes in four pattern choices to side your home in Austin. Readily available you have the choice of a natural, soft, cedar wood appearance siding named select cedarmill. Ordered through Dream Collection™ by special order is smooth, stucco, and sierra 8. Smooth Hardie board is just as it sounds, smooth, with a clean modern characteristic. Looking for a strong and aristocratic siding, then stucco should be considered for siding your home. Adding some dimension to your home can easily be achieved with hardy board Sierra 8 with it’s beautiful textured features.

HardiShingle® Siding

This particular Hardie board is typically associated with a cape cod style home. Imitating cedar shake siding, James Hardie has done a terrific job with the options.

There are several choices when choosing which shingle siding look you are seeking. For instance, you may choose individual 7″ shingles to create your own custom home appearance. The staggard edge panel goes great on a ranch home or cottage with it’s relaxed and unique look. Straight edge panel is a very clean and contemporary shingle hardie board. HardiShingle® half-rounds are designed with an elegant scalloped edge bringing in that beautiful cape-cod feel.

HardiPlank® Lap Siding

James Hardiplank® lap siding is the most popular choice when it comes to siding homes in Austin. There are several Hardie board options that would look great on any home style. 

james hardie siding select cedarmill

Select Cedarmill

Decorative cuts simulating natural planks.

james hardie siding custom beaded cedarmill

Beaded Cedarmill

Beautiful wood imitation with soft and subtle grooves.

james hardie siding smooth 4


Uniformed hardie plank board emerging elegance.

james hardie siding custom beaded smooth

Beaded Smooth

Modern edge adorning the smooth design.

james hardie siding custom colonial smooth

Colonial Smooth

Appears similar to Dutch lap siding that is traditionally hand carved by old world craftsmen.

james hardie siding custom colonial roughshawn

Colonial Roughsaw

Typically found in a historical community mimicking long-established Dutch lap wood siding.

Siding Styles To Fit Your Home

Each and every home is unique in it’s own way. When looking for Hardie board siding it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your style home. Therefore, below we have listed types of James Hardie siding with the most common choices for each design of common home variety. Feel free to switch things up and try something different.

  • Colonial
  • Craftsman
  • Contemporary
  • Folk Victorian
  • Dutch Colonial
  • Farmhouse
  • Contemporary
  • Tudor
  • Cape Cod
  • Bungalow
  • Ranch
  • Cottage

Multiple Hardy Board Color Choices

The first thing most people will notice when encountering your home will be the color. So, one of the fun parts about choosing your Hardie board is deciding what color combination you desire. Below is Austin’s most popular color choices through Hardie’s Statement Collection line. Keep in mind, these 15 are just the most requested. Hardie’s Dream Collection has over 700 colors to choose from.

How Do I Find The Best Hardie Board Siding Company For My Home?

Finding the best Hardie board siding company in Austin is just a phone call away. In other words, contact Premium Siding and Painting today. We can answer any questions, as well as help you figure out what style works for your home design. Request a brochure from James Hardie as well.

Premium Siding and Painting has been in business for over 30 years. Therefore, we have acquired lots of experience. We take pride in our terrific reviews, because each one of our clients are just as important as the next.

Please fill out a quote today or call us directly at (512) 997-9613.


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