Which Style of Window Should I Choose For My Home?

Choosing the perfect style of window to install in your home can be an overwhelming experience. Different types of replacement windows are implemented for different reasons.

Some are to add more light to a room. Others are installed to improve energy efficiency. Our favorite are the window installations that dramatically improve the entire look of a home.

Premium Siding & Painting has been Austin’s most reliable window contractor for many years. We know the importance improvements to your home are. This is why we’ve created this page to help choose the perfect replacement window style for your next project. 

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Double Hung Windows

milgard double hung windows

Double hung windows are a very popular basic style that can be found in many types of homes. They have the ability to open from the top and bottom sash, allowing for maximum airflow.

Due to the fact that they open inwards, a double hung window are a great choice for space saving measures, such as overlooking a deck or patio. They come in countless styles and sizes and look great on any style of home.

Professional installation of replacement double hung windows can be a great way to lower energy costs. Many double hung models are specifically designed to provide Energy Star rated efficiency. This means they’re perfect in hot climates like Austin because they keep your house cooler with less strain on your air conditioner. 

double hung window diagram

Single Hung Windows

Single hung is the style that most people think of when they picture a window in their ming. Single hung models have been around for a very long time and are especially common in older homes. Because of this, replacing single hung windows is something that Premium Siding & Painting does often.

It’s common to find brittle, single hung styles in homes that are a few decades or more old. Many of these tend to feel very cold, and can even ice up, in the winter time. If they feel cold or breezy in the winter, or if you feel warm air coming in during the summer months, it’s a good sign that they need to be replaced.

It’s often hard to estimate savings on an energy bill when installing professional replacement windows. But replacing old single hung windows (or cheap ones that a builder installed to cut costs) will provide a noticeable difference in cost and comfort. And there are many unique and contemporary single hung styles that are sure to match up with your home’s design.

single hung window diagram

Bay Windows

milgard bay windows

Bay windows are extremely distinct and noticeable, and a great addition to most styles of homes. Whether you’re looking to install new a bay window, or replace an older section, this style will always add a noticeable improvement.

Typically, a bay window is a combination of three windows of varying sizes. They can either be stationary, or they can be functional as single hung or casement. Commonly, there will be a shelf-type area in which to add a sitting space or spot for plants and decorations, although this isn’t always the case. 

Often times, homes are designed and built with an area specifically added for a bay window. Usually, this is an area that catches and distributes light throughout the room. Bays are often located in a main room such as a dining room, kitchen, or a gathering space. Occasionally though, you’ll see a bay window in a bedroom creating a cozy space to add a comfy chair and have a small reading nook. Sometimes, they’ll even be overlooking water!

Even if your home doesn’t already have a designated space, Premium can professionally install bay windows in your home. The dramatic addition will create a beautiful space that your family is sure to enjoy for years!

Bow Windows

milgard bow windows

Although bay and bow windows are commonly listed in the same category, bows have a noticeable difference. This is generally the number of pieces of glass used to create them.

Bow windows are typically in sections of 4 or more, lending to the name. They create a slightly rounded area in a room, without being overly defined.

The great thing about bow windows is the ability to use them to add a unique, dramatic element to a home. Bows are great when you want to add a beautiful accent to a main room overlooking a large landscape. Installation of bow windows in a room that overlooks a large body of water, or the Texas Hill Country, is sure to make your family happy and your neighbors jealous!

Arch Windows

milgard arch window

Professionally installed arch windows are something you may see more commonly on newer homes. In Austin, it seems that nearly all new homes being built are large, nontraditional, and have very unique designs. It’s not uncommon to find all different types of shapes of glass, many of which featuring the arch style.

Even if your home wasn’t built with them, there are many places to install replacement arch windows that can make a huge difference, aesthetically. As you can see from the above image, the arch window completely makes the bathroom. It adds a unique, picturesque element to the room that creates a relaxing, welcoming environment. 

Even aside from a one piece arch, there are many different options. They can be added as a single piece of glass above another window. Or an arch can be the top section of a single hung as in the next image. Whatever you decide to do, it’s highly recommended that you get these type of windows professionally installed. Preferably by Premium if you’re in Austin or central Texas!

separated arch windows

Casement Window

milgard casement windows

Casement windows or crank windows are functional options that can be used for many scenarios. As you can see from the second image, casements have a crank at the bottom that makes them open like a door. This is an ideal mechanism for very tall pieces of glass as in the above photo.

Another area that you’ll commonly see casement windows installed is in a kitchen, behind a sink. The crank option makes it easy to open when you’re reaching over a counter with an offset center of gravity. 

Not all casements are equipped with a crank. Some are simply opened and closed by pushing and pulling. Also, a screen is going to be necessary with a casement style window due to the large amount of space that they create when they’re opened.

Garden Windows

milgard garden window

Although less common, a garden window can be a beautiful and functional addition to a kitchen or living space. Deriving their name from their common use to grow plants, a garden window is a perfect way to add a unique touch to your home.

As you can see from the image, a garden option protrudes from the home, creating a small ledge on which to grow flowers, plants, and herbs. Or simply use them as a decorative shelf for family portraits or knick-knacks.

They typically have glass that opens on both sides allowing a nice breeze to flow through. There’s also glass on top, creating a small greenhouse in which to perfect your green thumb. And nothing beats picking fresh basil or thyme from the garden window in your kitchen to add directly to a meal that you’re cooking.

Awning Windows

milgard awning windows

Awning windows are very specifically designed with a hinge at the top. Generally, they are an elongated rectangular shape as seen in the image, which adds to their functionality.

The awning style has been used for quite some time. Generally found in basements, the hinged top with the wide glass provided a barrier against leaves, rain, and other debris. 

More contemporary styles of awning windows combine the functionality with beauty. Plus, there aren’t many basements in places like Austin to install an awning window. But they are still a terrific option to combine that protection from the elements with a look that will work in any home design.

awning window diagram

Radius Windows

milgard radius windows

The radius style of window is very similar to the arch we described above. They have a rounded section of glass that sits on top of another style of window.

Radius can be all one piece or several pie shaped sections as can been seen in the above image. Although they’re generally not functional, radius glass additions, even to already in place single or double hung styles, can add a dramatic look that’s sure to make your home stand out.

Sliding Glass Doors

milgard sliding door windows

Very few additions can dramatically change the entire feel of a room like professionally installed sliding glass doors. 

They can turn a porch into a sunroom. They can make a side of the house screen door into a main entryway. Sliding glass doors have the ability to turn a side room into a main focal point on your home.

Sliding doors are first and foremost installed to be functional. Whether for an entry to the home, a way to naturally add light to a room, or as a large screen addition to a cosmetic second story deck, sliding doors are a great way to improve your home.

PSP Company specializes in creating amazing outdoor spaces and patios that combine with sliding glass doors to create an extension of your warmest living spaces. 

Horizontal Sliders

milgard horizontal slider windows

Horizontal sliders incorporate much of the positive aesthetics of sliding glass doors, but without one major aspect; an entry way. A horizontal sliding window can be installed nearly anywhere in a home. Similar to a single hung, it doesn’t open inwardly or outwardly. This means it won’t obstruct a walkway or a porch. 

One of the main benefits of a horizontal sliding window are the size options. With single hung, you’re opening upwards. With a large, heavy glass, this can be difficult. Especially if you’re using multi-pane energy saving options.  Horizontal sliders, on the other hand, can allow large glass panes to be effortlessly opened to the side. 

Horizontal sliders come in single or double options, meaning they can open one way, or both. In any case, a horizontal slider window could be considered in most scenarios where you want a functioning window installed that adds a significant viewpoint. 

horizontal slider diagram

Picture Windows

milgard picture windows

Although picture windows come in countless shapes, sizes, styles, and designs, the one quality that is common is that they are non functioning. This means that they are not designed to open, purely for visual reasons. 

Because of this, picture windows are a perfect option for large areas where your want to allow a large amount of light, or a portrait style viewing area. But without the need to have any ventilation.

Picture glass is typically insulated to keep any drafts from passing through, making them a nice environmentally friendly choice. Some Milgard options even add additional inert gasses between the frames such as argon and krypton (nothing to do with Superman). These allow even more thermal performance, which can add to even greater savings on your energy bill.


There are very few additions that have as much of a dramatic improvement as adding a new window design. PSP has been installing James Hardie Siding and replacement windows in Austin for decades. You’ll know when you pass a home that we’ve done a window replacement on. It’s unique and special. It stands out from the neighbors. 

If you’re considering window installation in Austin, contact Premium Siding & Painting Company today! We guarantee top quality work as the long established best replacement window company in Austin!

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