Hardie Board Vs. Vinyl Siding

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Hardie Board Vs. Vinyl Siding

Hardie Board Vs. Vinyl Siding

There are many factors to determine when it comes to choosing between Hardie board and vinyl siding. Some aspects may seem to be common knowledge. Alternately, the amount of differences between both hardie and vinyl may be shocking to other home-owners. We will take a look at those differences and give our honest opinion on the best choice for a home in Austin.

Choosing Vinyl Siding Or Hardie Board

Making the choice between Hardie fiber cement and Vinyl siding may seem like a tough decision. But, after you compare the two, you may be thinking otherwise. Professionally, we strongly encourage choosing James Hardie siding over vinyl for many reasons. Of course, we understand that you need more information before making an educated decision.

Hardie Board and Vinyl Siding Appearance

On first glance, Hardie board and vinyl siding may appear similar. Of course this is when they are both brand new. Over time each of them age differently. Hardie board maintains it’s original condition very well. Whereas, with vinyl siding, in only a couple years you can easily notice changes appearing. One of the most noticeable variations being discoloration. Sunlight does not do well directly shining on vinyl siding. Therefore, it may become necessary to paint areas, which becomes costly and difficult to match. Having to constantly look at the color differences on your home or business can certainly become discouraging for many.

Durability Of Vinyl Siding Vs. Hardie Board

When choosing which siding to put on your home or your business, we know that the lasting performance will be a strong determining factor. As it should be. So, why not go for the best option? In our opinion, James Hardie makes the best siding on the market. Their product is very long-lasting and designed well.

Vinyl siding can last many years, or it can start to show signs of age much sooner than expected. High heat, much like what we experience here in Austin every summer, can create major damage. The temperatures may cause vinyl to warp or crack. Unfortunately, not only is this issue ugly to look at, it can also create further issues. Cracks in siding open up the possibility of rodents, pests and rain finding their way into your homes interior.

Hardie siding is made up of fiber and cement particles, creating a fire-resistant siding. Alternately, vinyl siding is very vulnerable to melting in the event of a fire. Therefore, making Hardie board the winning choice on durability vs. vinyl.

Hardie Cement Siding


Vinyl Siding

Wide variety of different colors and material choices

  • Appearance

Lacks real wood appearance

30 to 50 year warranty, similar to brick in that it is very long lasting

  • Longevity

25 year warranty, can crack or warp from weather elements

Most realistic option on the market with many choices mimicking wood appearance

  • Wood Imitation

Unable to print material to mimic wood like texture

5 times denser than vinyl- enabling the material to withhold against inclement weather

  • Durability

Can warp easily due to age or being exposed to high heat and cold weather

Sand and cement material composition makes it completely fire resistant

  • Fire Resistance

Can easily melt by a bbq grill being placed too close to the home

Does not produce toxins during production, made from recycled wood

  • Eco-Friendly

Manufacturing is an energy-intensive process, resulting in potential harm to the environment

Advantages Of Hardie Board Vs. Vinyl Siding

As you can see by now, there are several advantages to choosing Hardie board vs. vinyl siding. Besides all the previously mentioned superiority aspects Hardie holds over vinyl; examining the curb appeal is another detail to consider. Fiber cement siding mimics wood as the most realistic looking option on the market. Therefore, it looks terrific and well crafted. Hardie holds it’s appearance over the years far better than vinyl. For that reason, you’re sure to be pleased with the exterior of your home or business for decades vs. the alternative couple of years.

before and after hardie board vinyl siding

How To Replace Vinyl Siding With Hardie Board?

If you find that you currently have vinyl installed and want to make the change to Hardie board, then look no further. Or, if you have a new build in Austin and want to have Hardie board installed, then we are here to help with that as well. 

Premium Siding and Painting specializes in James Hardie fiber cement installation. In fact, it’s the only siding we use because we stand behind the superior product so much.

So, give us a call today and we will schedule an in person walk-through. Then, we can discuss options, designs, colors, and timeline expectations.

We love our reviews and encourage you to see for yourself why we think you should use us instead of someone else. We are a local, family-ran business, right here in Austin. Schedule your consultation today!

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