Add Value To Your Home With James Hardie Siding

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Add Value To Your Home With James Hardie Siding

Adding Value To Your Home

One of the best ways to add value to your home is by choosing James Hardie siding. There are several reasons the replacement siding will enhance your homes exterior. Additionally, there is certainly a reason fiber cement siding has become an industry favorite.

Add Value With Fire Resistant Siding

James Hardie siding adds value to your home in an unseen way. The composition of fiber and cement creates a desirable fire resistance material. This is especially beneficially in the unforeseen event of a neighboring house fire or accidental outdoor fire expanding towards your home.

Add value to your home

Endless Design Options

Add value to your home with your own design choices. Make your house your dream home with the endless design options available. Some choose to go with a traditional board and batten design, while others prefer a modern twist. The options truly are endless when it comes to color choices and designs. Whatever you choose will certainly make your home more desirable and add plenty of value for yourself or the next future owner of your home.

Value In Low Maintenance Siding

Having siding that is low maintenance is truly an advantage. It’s not something many homeowners think about until they are forced to do so. Many other siding choices require lots of upkeep, preventative measures, and unforeseen repairs. Luckily, James Hardie siding is very low maintenance. Many home owners find this value unmeasurable. Low maintenance siding vs. constant upkeep is usually a pretty simple choice.

James Hardie Value added to your home

Pest Resistance Siding Adds Value To Your Home

Here in Texas we have plenty of pests that like to reside in the warmth of our houses via entry from the exterior panels. Add value to your home by eliminated that option. Pests find places they can feed and create nests. James Hardie siding is pest resistant because of it’s composition. The siding is made up of fiber and cellulose materials. Therefore, making it undesirable for things like termites that need a food source in where they congregate. 

Value Added With Durability

James Hardie siding is extremely durable in all weather extremes. Typically as Texans, we worry about the extreme heat. Which can be an issue with vinyl siding, but certainly not fiber cement. Additionally, it can withstand cold snaps too. Which means it will not crack when the weather drops below freezing. James Hardie siding adds value to your home with lasting durability for many years to come. In fact it lasts so long, the company guarantees it with their generous warranties.

How To Add Value To Your Home

Are you looking to add value to your home with outstanding looking siding? Give us a call! We specialize in James Hardie siding installation. In fact, It’s all we install and for good reasons! We will gladly answer any further questions you may have.

Get started on adding value to your home by calling us today. We’re a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience. Take a look at our awesome reviews and then call us for your consultation today.

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