How Old Siding Affects Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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Just as a roof protects everything underneath it, siding on your house protects everything behind it. If your siding is more than twenty years old, it might be time to upgrade and replace it. There are too many issues related to old siding, and many benefits to replacing it.

Cracked Siding Allows Moisture to Enter Your Walls

Cracked siding, like damaged shingles, allows moisture to enter your walls. Siding can crack from years of weathering and wear and tear. If you can visibly see cracks in the siding on your home, there may already be issues with moisture inside your home’s walls. Have a siding contractor check for moisture and replace the siding to protect your home.

Weakened and Weathered Siding Lets Heat and Cooled Air Out

While a house is supposed to “breathe” to keep indoor air relatively breathable, your home should not be losing a ton of heated or cooled air. Weakened and weathered siding can bow enough to let too much cooled or heated air out of your home. The siding should sit snugly and flush over the outer insulation of your home.

When it doesn’t, then you lose heat or cooled air. Loss of heat or cooled air directly results in your furnace or air conditioning system working harder to maintain the desired temperature throughout the house. When it has to work harder, you pay more for heat or air conditioning. Replacing the siding with newer, modern siding results in lower monthly energy bills.

Old Siding Can’t Stand Up to Weather

The older your siding is, the less it can withstand harsh weather. Hail, ice, powerful wind gusts, etc., will cause the old siding to fail, crack, and even fall off. Loss of siding, even in small sections, is bad for the overall welfare of your home. 

Newer vinyl siding is stronger and lasts longer than siding from 20-60 years ago. You can even opt for concrete fiber siding, which provides a strong and sound barrier against extreme weather conditions. Find out how you can replace your siding and make your home even more energy efficient with modern siding options.