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There are hundreds of options when choosing a local painter in Austin and the surrounding areas, and choosing the right commercial or residential painting company can seem difficult. Premium Siding & Painting Company understands this, and we pride ourselves on making the task of finding a painting service as easy as possible. 

PSP has hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers from painting residential homes, or large commercial painting projects. Premium Siding & Painting Company is family owned and we treat your property with the same  pride and respect that we give our own. When you’re searching for a local painter service for your next project, the choice doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose Premium Siding & Painting Company (it’s even in our name)!

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Residential Painting

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Commercial Painting

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Indoor Painting

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Outdoor Painting

Premium Siding & Painting will help you make your home perfect with any type of indoor or outdoor painting. 

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